We have our finger on the pulse of each country we operate within. We know what local participants want – and what they don’t. This breadth of knowledge, coupled with our vast array of reward options, ensures your carefully selected solutions are coveted, culturally relevant and adhere to best domestic practices. We’ve done the research so you can reap the rewards and satisfy any participant.

Vouchers, Gift Cards, Digital Vouchers

A favorite of many participants, face value prepaid products are issued domestically in local currency. They afford immediate access to multiple stores and e-retailers, resulting in the best shopping experience for the recipient. While the format differs based on selected countries, we offer paper vouchers (single or multi-retailer), plastic gift cards (single or multi-retailer) and electronic vouchers (single retailer).
Global Rewards Expertise
  • You’ll benefit from our stellar service history of over 60 years
  • Mostly Edenred issued products, completed by outside vendors
  • Our multi-retailer products offer maximum choice and flexibility of redemption
  • With customizable delivery, we can distribute individually or in bulk
  • Delivery tracking is available
  • Guaranteed greatest shopping experience with unlimited freedom
  • We provide face value vouchers in local currencies
  • Our vouchers are issued in flexible denominations
  • We employ maximum security measures to combat fraud
  • In-country customer service is available to assist recipients
  • We offer a variety of engaging packaging options in native languages

Merchandise Products

These aren’t generic gift catalogs. We work with top brands to carefully select hundreds of products – from jewelry to electronics to small appliances or travel accessories – understanding what they represent to your recipient. We’re vigilant about the high quality of the products offered, making sure the ethics of the manufacturer are impeccable. We consider every detail so you don’t have to, making the recipient’s experience a wonderful one.
Global Rewards Expertise
  • Choose from all product categories and best sellers at any price
  • Sourced from luxury international brands to local small manufacturers
  • All long time trusted vendors are adhering to our work ethics and SLA
  • Choose a proven pre-assortment or tailor products to fit your needs
  • Our flawless logistics process means detailed reports on shipping and tracking
  • We accommodate any budget, from entry level to high-end
  • We’ll tell you the top ten requested items per country, among hundreds available
  • You can filter reward levels to reflect any price range for service awards program
  • In-country customer service is available to assist recipients

Reinforced Service Level Agreement

Edenred Global Rewards cares about your company’s reputation as much as you do. We’re diligent when sourcing our products to respect all quality and ethical control standards. We also complete regular audits to make sure we’re in compliance with local legislation, tax codes and more. Our pre-paid options come standard with state-of-the-art security systems. We’ve optimized our delivery systems to give you reliable timeframes and optional tracking in each country. We are utilizing multiple delivery options to best suit your needs. Our sophisticated tracking reports mean you can instantly know when to expect deliveries.