Our values

Understand our customer needs

Passion for customers

As we know, employers don’t pay wages, customers do. So, the more we engage with companies, employees and merchants, the clearer their needs become and the simpler it is to achieve your business goals. Our promise to you is that we will never stop improving.


We believe respect is the true cornerstone of business excellence. For us, that means being pro-active, accountable, and honest as well as by expressing gratitude and recognition. To our shareholders it means using the resources they put at our disposal efficiently. While to society, it’s about promoting products and services that create value for all stakeholders.


Imagination stimulates the desire for innovation and gives rise to progress. We recognize this by using our own imagination to connect companies, employees and merchants to create better programs for today and in the future.


Our customers want their interactions with us to be straightforward. That’s why we make our systems, processes and communication simple and transparent.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Our entrepreneurial spirit helps drive growth, develop new business centers as well as strengthen and empower our team to strive and reach for operational excellence.

Why choose Global Rewards by Edenred?

Global Rewards by Edenred is a pioneer and expert in international programs

  • 15 years experience in global programs
  • International programs
  • 80 countries covered and growing
  • 5 regional offices
  • Latest technologies redemption platforms
  • Compliant with all data privacy policies
  • Experts in each fields to make global solutions seamless
  • Local knowledge, global network
  • Best in class data security
  • Cloud hosting