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Why is Edenred Global Rewards the worldwide leader in international rewards solutions? It’s simple: we pioneered the industry. For decades, we have built the largest global network of experts in loyalty, marketing services, incentive and motivation. Financially strong and still growing, Edenred is publicly traded on the Euronet stock market in complete transparency. Our client credentials speak for themselves: more than 600,000 satisfied companies on six continents.

As we continue to expand into new countries, our teams and infrastructures grow, bringing more experience and stability to Edenred. Improving our technological innovations is a top priority so we can continue to understand your needs and offer the most appropriate and adapted solutions. We exude strong business ethics and value and respect cultural differences. Our clear understanding of what it means to be a service provider is one key to our storied success.

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Johann Suchon

General Managing Director Global Rewards


Who am I?

As the soul of Marketing Services in Asia Pacific, Johann has more than a decade experience developing meaningful customer relationships for some of the world’s leading companies and is a recognized CRM expert. An HEC Business school graduate, Johann started his career of consulting in Accenture and joined Edenred in 2005. Passionate about customers relationship building strategies and consumers behavior, his insight comes from extensive strategic consulting experience for industries including automotive, retail, finance, energy, FMCG, Luxury and IT. While keeping the overall management of Accentiv’ China and Hong Kong, he is now also in charge of supporting the development of Edenred Marketing Services in Asia Pacific and the new Edenred Global Rewards offering, based in Singapore.

On a lighter note:

Johann knows how to transform a Statement of Work into a rock n’ roll program, maybe being an avid electric guitar player is where he gets his influence.

Ada Lam

Managing Director, Accounts, Operations IT & Sourcing


Who am I?

Ada is responsible for the management of Global Rewards Accounts, Operations and IT teams in Hong Kong and India. Ada is a People Person who brilliantly manages sales teams and maintains long term trusted relationships with Edenred’s local suppliers and external partners in the Asia Pacific region. With more than 20 years experience in business services, consulting, technology, rewards performance programs and FMCG, Ada’s diverse skill set is accompanied by a solid track record in developing successful marketing and rewards programs for any clients and partners.

On a lighter note:

Transformation of Hong Kong from a British colony to a Special Administrative Region in China perhaps stimulate Ada on how to manage and help growing multiple people with various culture and background!

Julien Rochard

Managing Director, Sales Business Development & Marketing


Who am I?

Julien is in charge of all marketing and business development. He joined Edenred 13 years ago in France, quickly mastering vendor relationships and forging new distribution channels. After Paris, Julien’s strategic guidance resulting in winning incentive and motivation solutions across emerging India and China, before bringing Edenred’s expertise to American clients interested in international loyalty programs. Julien relies on his expertise in managing client relationship, international programs to ensure innovative seamless process and continue growing. He holds two degrees in Law and Business and a recent MBA.

On a lighter note:

International programs were meant to be, Julien‘s hobby is traveling and he discovered over 60 countries and cultures.

Prabuddha Uniyal

Director Technology & Solution


Who am I?

With more than a decade of experience in rewards and loyalty programs across a multitude of domains and industries, Prabuddha has been responsible for building the complex technology solutions for Edenred’s clients and shaping the technology for Global Rewards. He consults and advises the operations, sales and client service teams, helping them turn innovative ideas into reality. Prabuddha holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science & Applications and a pass out of C-DAC Pune. Prabuddha is located in Bangalore, India.

On a lighter note:

Maybe Prabuddha’s favorite hobbies, as a painter and genius chess player, influence his IT expertise in designing system with a strategic approach.

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