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If your business operates on a global level, your rewards program should, too.

your relationships

Loyal relationships, talent recognition, and motivated performers are cornerstones of a healthy business.

Edenred Global Rewards has narrowed these virtues down to a science. We support first class international incentive programs that reward excellence. This can touch anyone interacting with your company from your corporate workforce to retailers to customers; we have you covered.

Expertise in rewards programs

Edenred’s trusted solutions in marketing, incentive and loyalty services deliver coveted, flexible rewards, from prepaid Ticket

Compliments to merchant gift cards to catalog merchandise and open loop cards. Our expertise in crafting tailored ERM, PRM and CRM programs coupled with Edenred’s worldwide infrastructure means we can bring added value to your company, regardless of size, industry or location.

The world
is our office

Edenred’s Global Rewards are locally sourced from our network of 1.4 million merchants, and always with a sharp focus on the recipients’ customs

and cultures. Our unique process guarantees complete satisfaction from sourcing to delivery. Gone are the days of juggling multiple vendors to reach worldwide markets in multiple currencies or languages. Edenred Global Rewards is your one team dedicated to overseeing your program in up to 60 countries.